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03 March Break Defensive Camp (Powerade)

AGE: 2011 & Older – 24 Spots Available @POWERADE CENTRE

2:00pm – 4:00pm 

$300 + HST

March 12th – March 16th

Register Online

For the serious defensemen! Learn how to react to forechecking pressure, gap control, rushing with the puck, and understand the defensive game. We will maintain a repetitive and focused effort on improving defensive skating skills such as backward acceleration, agility, transition. The camp program will use competitive situations and battle drills to emphasize the development of defensive skill sets.

Skill sets include: Quick feet and Agility, Pivoting to Each Side, Mobility, Transition and Escapes, Angling and Cornering, Body Contact Drills, Lateral Movement & Agility, Defensive Shooting Drills, Puck handling & passing, and One on One.

Players will be on the ice for 2 hours each day.

Times and location are subject to change depending on registration.