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High Performer Program

Welcome to the
Varsity Training Centre
High Performer Program

Program Overview

The High Performer Program is a recognized Academic/Athletic specialized program that is offered through the Toronto District and Peel Region school boards with a compressed school curriculum.

This specialized program accommodates the Student/Athlete to complete their education within a consolidated school schedule and provides the daily flexibility to incorporate the required training into a demanding sports schedule to achieve their athletic goals.

The Varsity Training Centre High Performer Program is recognized by the Toronto District and Peel Regional school boards as a sanctioned hockey curriculum that is designed to develop young hockey Players and Goalies in all aspects of their sport.

The strength of the VTC HP Program is founded on a development philosophy that provides the training resources and services necessary to progressively improve your child’s hockey skills.

The VTC High Performer Program delivers their curriculum in the Varsity Training Centre that is a self contained full feature facility and is committed to developing all qualified and approved High Performer Program players and goalies.

Our strong hockey syllabus is delivered by an experienced staff within a small group learning environment and will promote the discipline and mental strength needed to cultivate the athlete’s confidence needed for improvement

The High Performer Program is a school board recognized academic/athletic specialized program with a compressed school curriculum.

Syllabus Highlights

On-Ice Player Training

Delivered from Varsity Hockey School Lesson Plans that progresses and develops performance skills in areas such as Power Skating, Puck Skills, Game Situations, Flow Drills and Shooting

On-Ice Goalie Training

Delivered from Team Shutout Goalie School Lesson Plans that progresses and develops performance skills in areas such as Goalie Specific Technical Execution and Game Situation Tactical Execution.

Other Player & Goalie Training

Players & Goalies will be scheduled throughout each lesson plan to be incorporated into on-ice joint training drills

The Players & Goalies lesson plans will incorporate Treadmill training to develop edge balance and stride.

Player & Goalie 60 minutes Off-Ice training that will progress and develop the Power, Agility and Stamina needed to better execute on the ice.

Players and Goalies will receive a classroom component with one on one and group video

Program Information

Training Facility and Transportation

  • Students will attend the Varsity Training Centre in conjunction with the school year from September to June with half day (morning/afternoon) attendance from Monday to Thursday
  • Shuttle bus from Varsity Training Centre to school is provided

High Performer Qualification and Approval Requirements

  • Playing Rep Hockey AA and AAA
  • Require Coaches approval
  • Previous years report card
  • No Residency Rule (acceptance to the program will not be restricted by where you live)

Contact us for Details & Fees

Danko Mironovic
Varsity Hockey School
Head Instructor
905-874-8418 ext 1

Maurice (Moe) Tanel
Team Shutout Goalie School
Program Director
905-860-1111 ext 3

School Board Application Information 

Toronto District School Board (TDSB)
Hollycrest Middle School (Grade 4 – 8; Etobicoke)
Silverthorn Collegiate (Grade 9 – 12; Etobicoke)

Peel Region School Board
Britannia Public School (Grade 4 – 5; Mississauga)
Dolphin Senior Public School (Grade 6 – 8; Mississauga)
Mississauga Secondary School (Grade 9 – 12; Mississauga)