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In a very short timeframe, the team at Varsity Hockey has helped my son immensely with his skating.  He’s 8 years old and started playing hockey when he was 4.  He didn’t like it, so we took him out for a couple years and he started playing again last year.  Because of him not skating for a couple of years, he was getting frustrated and losing his confidence while playing with his team.  Over the last few weeks, we have seen an incredible improvement, in everything from skating backward, his turns, stopping and his ability to skate faster.  Best of all, his confidence is back and he’s having fun again.  Every time we leave a session at Varsity Hockey, he asks me when his next session is.  The reason for this is because the teachers are not only great skaters, they’re also fantastic with kids and have an ability to bring the best out in them.  Thank you for being such great teachers and putting a smile on my sons face.  I would recommend Varsity Hockey to any person.

– Andrew Murison

Varsity Parent