The main focus for each program at Varsity Hockey is skill Development. Developing skills correctly with speed, precision, strength, balance, and athleticism is our ultimate goal. Each program is developed and created in a way that will produce excellent habits. For our skills sessions we want to create excellent practice habits that can be carried over into competition. This doesn’t mean players will not fail, as a matter of fact players and parents should expect to fail, but they will learn from their failures. This statement is important for skill development. Failing is okay, and actually is encouraged when it comes to developing skills. When we fail we need to correct our technique and try again. Some times we need to slow the skill down to complete it correctly, and once we successfully produce the intended task, we will increase the speed and difficulty, then we will repeat over and over again.


  •  PRE TRYOUT Camps (Week 1 - April 24-28)

    The Pre Tryout Clinics are designed to prepare players for the team tryout selection process

    A great way for players to get Team Tryout ready with 1.5 hours of On-ice drills every evening.

    The class ‘Lesson Plan’ will focus on the following areas of skill development:

    Power Skating
    Stride Mechanics
    Balance and Edges
    Tight Turns
    Backwards Skating

    Puck Skills
    Puck Control
    Speed with the Puck
    Creative Stick Handling

    Compete Drills
    Competitive Drills
    Game Situations
    Confined Space Battle Drills.

    This week will provide players with a great opportunity to fine tune their in game performance skills.

    ALL CALIBER Level Players: 2017/16/15/14 Born Skaters – 6:00 – 7:30 pm (14 Spots Available)
    ALL CALIBER Level Players: 2013 & Older Skaters – 7:30 – 9:00 pm (14 Spots Available)

    Times and dates are subject to change depending on registration.

    250 + HST

    April Pre-Tryout Camp (Week 1) - From Apr 24, 2023 to Apr 28, 2023