The main focus for each program at Varsity Hockey is skill Development. Developing skills correctly with speed, precision, strength, balance, and athleticism is our ultimate goal. Each program is developed and created in a way that will produce excellent habits. For our skills sessions we want to create excellent practice habits that can be carried over into competition. This doesn’t mean players will not fail, as a matter of fact players and parents should expect to fail, but they will learn from their failures. This statement is important for skill development. Failing is okay, and actually is encouraged when it comes to developing skills. When we fail we need to correct our technique and try again. Some times we need to slow the skill down to complete it correctly, and once we successfully produce the intended task, we will increase the speed and difficulty, then we will repeat over and over again.



    The Summer Day Camp format is designed for All Caliber players who are building their technical skills and generally range from from 6 years of age and older.

    The camp day will be laid out as follows:

    Morning Ice Session (1.5 Hours)
    Individual Skating Skills which include stride mechanics, edge control, balance, tight turns, speed and acceleration.
    Individual Puck Skills which include stationary stick handling and speed with the puck.

    Morning Gym Session (1 Hour)
    Gym sessions will include flexibility, mobility, speed and quickness exercises. Players will work on their coordination and overall strength.

    Afternoon Ice Session (1.5 Hours)
    Shooting and Passing Skills which include shooting mechanics, giving and receiving passes at full speed and quick release shots
    Compete and Battle drills which include game situation scenarios.

    Afternoon Gym Session (1 Hour)
    The afternoon gym session will be a fun hour of different athletic games such as soccer and handball. This allows for us to train our athletic muscles in different sports and works on our overall athleticism.

    All players will need full hockey equipment, gym attire, and a lunch. 
    Supervision is available as early as 7:30 am and up until 5:00 pm daily.  

    Monday, August 14th – Friday, August 18th – 9:00am to 4:30pm (11 Spots Available)
    Monday, August 21st – Friday, August 25th – 9:00am to 4:30pm (7 Spots Available)
    Monday, August 28th – Friday, September 1st – 9:00am to 4:30pm (6 Spots Available)

    550 + HST

    Summer Camp Week 1 - From Jul 17, 2023 to Jul 21, 2023
    Summer Camp Week 2 - From Jul 24, 2023 to Jul 28, 2023
    Summer Camp Week 3 - From Jul 31, 2023 to Aug 4, 2023
    Summer Camp Week 4 - From Aug 14, 2023 to Aug 18, 2023
    Summer Camp Week 5 - From Aug 21, 2023 to Aug 25, 2023
    Summer Camp Week 6 - From Aug 28, 2023 to Sep 1, 2023